mardi 30 novembre 2010

KSOSA G-FUNK Vol.2 - California Soldiaz

1.MNMSTA - Wherez Everybody Goin
2.TOMBSTONE - Wanna B a G
3.TOO SHORT - Just Another Day
4.S.C.C - Do Ya Thang
5.HOMICIDE - Ride-4-Ever
6.DJ POOH - Bad Newz Travel Fast
7.BOSSOLO - Hood Girl
8.SUGA FREE - So Fly
9.SWOOP G - 20 Dollars
10.VITAMINE C - All In The Bag
11.FLEXX - Break Bread
12.909 BOYS - The Coldest
13.BROWN 805 NATION - California Soldier
14.SNOOP & SOOPAFLY - Like Do It 2
15.C-FUNK - What Ya Gonna Do
16.YOUNG HOGGS - Live Wire
17.DA 5 FOOTAZ - Short Times Ft. Roger Troutman
18.DALLAH MAN - Sex And The Hood

mardi 23 novembre 2010

KSOSA FUNK Selection Vol.6

01. TOM POWELL You’ve Got It All 
03. MAC MACHINE Tears 
04. BERT ROBINSON No More Cold Nights
05. B-BIZ-R Sucker For Love 
06. SPECIAL T It’s Your Love
07. CENTRAL LINE Shake It Up 
08. FIVE STAR Love Game
09. GWEN GUTHRIE I Still Want You 
10. LI BERG Watch Out
11. MIGHTY 7 Call Me 
12. BRYAN LOREN For Tonight
13. JESSE JOHNSON Be Your Man 
14. PINK RHYTHM Melodies Of Love
15. GRUM Turn It Up

mardi 2 novembre 2010


01. RIM’K Boozillé (Funk Mix) 
02. 2PAC Never Call You Bitch Again (G-Funk Mix)
03. ROHFF R.O.H.F.F. (Funk Mix)
04. MICHAEL JACKSON Remember The Time (Funk Revisited Mix)
05. OXMO PUCCINO Mama Lova (Lover Mix)
06. 113 Les Princes De La Ville (Funk Mix)
07. 2PAC 16 On Death Row (G-Funk Mix)
08. ROHFF 1er Sur Le Ghetto (Dirty Mix)
09. INTOUCHABLE Hors Piste (Funk Mix)
10. LORD KOSSITY Tout C'que T'as (Funk Mix)
11. IAM & SUNZ OF MAN La Saga (Westcoast Mix)
12. 2PAC When We Ride On Our Ennemies (Hardcore Mix)
13. MICHAEL JACKSON Billie Jean (Funk Revisited Mix)
14. MOBB DEEP G.O.D. Pt. III (2010 Mix)
15. THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G Nasty Girl (Funk Mix)
16. 2PAC My Block (G-Funk Mix)
17. ROHFF La Puissance (Westcoast Mix)
18. INTOUCHABLE Ennemi Public (Tyson Mix)
19. 2PAC Thug Style (’G’ Mix)
20. OXMO PUCCINO On Danse Pas (Funk Mix)